A trusted retail banking, lending and card management system, and a powerful alternative model for financial institutions in Africa.

BaaS, as an evolution of SaaS, is one of the key advantages of using C4, as it helps accelerate your entry into the digital banking world, while still offering all the benefits of a traditional SaaS model. This includes:

  • Careful management of the complete end-of-day process, including automated scheduling of tasks and manual interventions, with a dedicated team ensuring that this process is completed.
  • Data centre management, backups, failovers, and disaster recovery, handled by a dedicated team of technicians at C4’s data centre.
  • Management information/business intelligence (MI/BI) data extraction for use in reporting.
  • A cheaper alternative to the traditional offerings:
    • Cost of technology refresh/renewal eliminated.
    • You only pay for services that you use, and can add or remove services as required.
    • Service fees include all hardware, software, infrastructure, and technical resource costs.
    • In-house skills to implement, configure, and maintain the system are not required.
  • Innovation Support:
    • Our agile development team supports customisation requests in a controlled environment.
    • Client-specific changes can be applied on a weekly basis, using a strict change control process.
    • New products can be tested without any risk of wasting ICT capital.
    • Can be deployed to market in record time: The systems are already deployed in our data centres and only need to be configured for new clients.
    • Allows you to focus on your core business: Emid assumes technological responsibility for all systems, including hardware, software, and technical specialists.
    • C4's proprietary Operations and Data centre has round-the-clock monitoring and management of all systems, processes, and data-lines, ensuring service remains uninterrupted