Emid provides managed, dedicated, and collated servers.

Partnering with leading vendors such as Microsoft, VMWare, HP, IBM and Dell – we are able to construct the entire solution, including hardware, software, and infrastructure, to meet your needs, no matter how diverse. Our managed server support solution includes full server monitoring and recovery, patches and upgrades, advanced technical support and enhanced security features.

Our solutions, which include Infrastructure-as-a-Service, ensure that your servers are updated faster and at a lower cost than if you have to do it yourself.

Emid’s server solutions offer the following benefits:
  • Decreases costs significantly through optimum usage of virtualisation and cloud offerings.
  • Eliminates complexity and reduces the burden on internal IT teams.

Our managed solution includes infrastructure and skilled IT specialists – the cost of which is spread over the lifetime of our relationship. This eliminates upfront capital expenditure and the cost of employing skilled professionals.

Emid offers a holistic business continuity solution that ensures you can continue operating regardless of power failures, cyber-attacks, or natural disasters. Emid’s business continuity solution provides a strategy for safeguarding your operations, data, and reputation by utilising multiple data centres.

Server and Hosting